Think 80/20 is based on the principle that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the cause.


This principle encourages associates to prioritize and focus on what drives toward the mission.

How we Think 80/20

" 80/20 gives you the freedom to take the 20 and figure out the 80. As a manager, I know my team can execute if given the 20." – Managing Director, Latin America

"We use the 80/20 principle to clearly define responsibilities. Every task has only one 80 and multiple 20s. A qualified 20 lends support and steps in if the 80 doesn't execute. 80/20 doesn't just encourage focus – it is a principle of effective teamwork and leadership." – Chief Financial Officer

"Every task has only one 80 and multiple 20s" – Chief Financial Officer




This principle emphasizes reducing waste and wasteful processes by 30 percent while improving output by the same amount without any additional cost.


This drives Solera's focus on reducing waste over cost and encourages associates to constantly think of ways to improve processes and increase efficiency

How we Act 30/30

"30/30 is the reply to the old culture of savings or cutting cost - that produces results in the short term but hinders growth in the future. Solera 30/30 is about recognizing efficiency. You have the power to improve process and reuse the additional throughput to drive toward your targets." –Managing Director, Spain

"30/30 drives us to continually reinvent ourselves to generate 30% more output with 30% less effort. At a common company, this would be called cost-cutting. At Solera, the Uncommon company, 30/30 is all about profitable growth. There are endless apps being developed from all corners of the globe which enable us to stay ahead of the competition via actionable data intelligence. We leverage this technology, both home-grown and from vendors, to make our processes leaner AND more valuable." – Director, MSH Australia

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This refers to Solera's "got your back" commitment that each associate makes to take 90 percent ownership of the team's project and leave only 10 percent to the team.


This creates a global team environment that encourages collaboration and accountability.

How we Live 90/10

"90/10 is so empowering…the strength of the team is each member, and the strength of each member is the team. I am as strong as the warriors I surround myself with" – Executive Assistant to the CEO

"I have the exciting opportunity to lead Solera's business in China, an emerging market full of uncertainties and unexpected opportunities. It is so much more effective – knowing I have the support and strength of a global team and can call on anyone knowing they feel accountable for my success as well as their own. That is the beauty of our 90/10 culture." – Regional Managing Director, Greater China