Copying Audafile and Zone 99 items to other PCs


To copy your Audafile from one PC to another:

For Windows 2000/XP users you need to browse to: 
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Audatex\AudaEnterprise3

You will then need to copy the 'Audafile.vdb' file, to either a network location or a pen drive.

(N.B. Sometimes the ApplicationData folder will be hidden. If you are unable to see this, go to Tools > Folder Options then select the view tab. From here select the ‘Show hidden files and folders' option.)

This should then be pasted into the same location on the new machines.  It may say 'do you want to replace the existing files', if it does you need to say 'yes' to all.

For Vista / Windows 7 PCs the path is:

If ProgramData is hidden you will need to go to Windows explorer, Organise – Folder and Search options, View, Show hidden files and folders, Apply, OK


To copy over your Zone 99 items from one machine to another you need to browse to:
C:\Program Files\Audatex\AudaEnterprise3\Pad2000\Prog

You will then need to copy the 'NSPAUSW.LST' file.

This should then be pasted into the same location on the new machine saying 'yes' to replace existing files, if it prompts you.


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