Why can't I log in to Audatex?

The most commonly reported error when logging into Audatex is:

There are a number of reasons for this error to occur, please check each in turn:

  1. Is the time and date correct on your PC?
    Check the date, time and year at the bottom right hand side of your computer screen, by hovering over it. To change it double click on the time.  If this says that you have restricted permissions and it is incorrect, you will need to contact your administrator.
  2. Is your internet connection working?
    Can you access an external web page?  For example, can you get onto the BBC home page?  Try going to www.bbc.co.uk and opening a new page. If you're not able to access this page, it is likely that your internet connection may not be working; so in this instance please contact your IT support team.
  3. Are you able to access the Audatex webservice?
    All Audatex systems sit 'behind' a webservice page, can you access this page? To try and access this page use the link below, by pressing Alt and left clicking on the correct link depending on which version of AudaEnterpriseGold you are using: 
    For AudaEnterpriseGold 3.6 or below: https://mobile.ax-aee.co.uk/WebEnterpriseServer33/AssessmentService.asmx

Proxy server details relating to Audatex are stored locally within your PC's registry. Should you need to know where these details are to delete them, please contact the Audatex Service Desk. Once these details have been deleted, your next log in to Audatex will prompt you for these details. You will need to click the box saying 'Use proxy settings from Internet Explorer':


Email : servicedesk@audatex.in

Our email is monitored constantly, so why not send us an email if you don't need an immediate respone to your query.


Call us on: 1800 1028 353 (Tollfree)


Opening Hours

The Audatex Service Desk is open:
Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:30

The Service Availability hours for AudaEnterpriseGold and all our services are: 
Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:30