AudaEnterpriseGold is a centralised web-based system. A permanent connection from the client to the server makes assessments and images instantly available, speeding repairer/engineer communications.

Our AudaEnterpriseGold estimating solution is designed to streamline vehicle damage assessing and communication, AudaEnterpriseGold is fast, flexible, expandable, secure and easy to use. Powered by OEM times based on OEM safe repair methods and years of research by global RCar centres. AudaEnterpriseGold offers the widest vehicle data coverage, introducing a quality and range of data unmatched by any other existing systems. Which delivers the ultimate accurate and consistent repair cost assessment.

Accelerated communication: Unlimited multi-user access to assessment data that can be viewed and shared in real-time across your organisation, enabling work to be moved easily between teams, and resources managed more effectively.

Enhanced consistency and accuracy: With AudaEnterpriseGold's validate/calculate/send process, both estimate processing and authorisation communication are rapid – designed to help you reduce cycle times, increase repair throughput and benchmark your efficiencies.