• The purpose of AudaBridge is to assist users in developing the first stage of interoperability between Audatex AudaEnterpriseGold and the user's back office system.
  • AudaBridge enables customers to integrate their own back office systems with AudaEnterpriseGold, by enabling a two way flow of data through a queuing subsystem.


The interface has been designed to be simple and generic – there are only two function calls within the main AudaBridge interface:

  • PutData
  • GetData

The interface is implemented by a web service (supporting the industry standard) at the Audatex hosting site. All calls to AudaBridge are made by customers, Audatex do not "push" messages to a customer's system. Therefore, customers must use a polling mechanism to get messages from their queue, and there are various hints available within the AudaBridge interface to assist in making these calls efficiently and only when necessary.


AudaBridge System Architecture

The diagram below demonstrates how the work provider systems integrate directly with the Audatex data store.